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  • “Freedom is something that
    dies unless it's used"

    -Hunter S. Thompson

  • "I live for myself
    and I answer to nobody"

    - Steve McQueen

  • "We dance around
    the ring and suppose,
    but the secret
    sits in the
    middle and knows”

    -Bobby Frost

  • "That's the way
    we travel sometimes.
    Pick a road
    at random, and
    when it's time
    to pull over,
    you find a
    place to crash."

    - Jello Biafra

  • "We write cry-in-your-beer songs.
    That's what we do. Something
    that you can slow dance to"

    - Willie Nelson

  • "Sometimes it takes a whole
    tankful of fuel before
    you can think straight"

    - Unknown

  • "Life has become
    immeasurably better since
    I have been forced to
    stop taking it seriously"

    -Hunter S. Thompson

  • “True debauchery
    is liberating
    because it creates
    no obligations.
    In it you
    possess only yourself;
    hence it remains
    the favorite pastime
    of the great lovers
    of their own person”

    - Albert Camus

  • “You have to
    die a few
    times before you
    can really live"

    - Charles Bukowski

  • "I love the feeling of the fresh
    air on my face and the wind
    blowing through my hair"

    - Evil Knevil

  • "Yesterday's weirdness
    is tomorrow's
    reason why"

    - Hunter S. Thompson

  • "If she changes
    her oil more than
    she changes her mind,
    follow her."

    - Unkown

  • "When Freedom is outlawed,
    only outlaws will be free"

    - Unknown

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